Services for Data-Driven Business

Business cycles and reaction times have turned radically shorter than they used to be. Businesses need to act in agile ways. The situational picture must be updated real-time – or next-to real-time and turned fast into action. Organisational cultures need to adapt habits of testing and learning. Monzuun data services boost business improvements and growth through advanced analytics.

We are a technology company that turns your hard data into smart data.

We offer our in-house developed standardised products in speech-to-text, dataflow analysis and AI-based management tools (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, we deliver tailored data solutions to our customers. We work across industries and the typical project deliverables are: Voice-of-customer robot (speech-to-text analysis), data-driven customer service, automated next-best-offer tools, pricing robots, process optimizations, automatic market monitoring and the like. We use the best technologies available, such as Hortonworks Data Platform (Hadoop) and Apache Ni-Fi, in our products and customer projects.

Based in Helsinki, we work with interesting international customer projects and actively participate in the Nordic start-up community. Interested, please contact the team at Contact Us

Monzuun Drives Your Business Goals In Data-Driven operations

Artificial Intelligence, customer-specific data and personalized customer experience are elements of future marketing and digitized business. Data and evidence drive decision-making.

Services - AI Turning Into Value

Data-driven Customer Experience Management / Speech to text analysis

What if You could hear everything Your Customers say to your customer service agents? Or sales agents? Of course, this is not possible. You probably set up a system where certain people listen to samples of recordings – afterwards. This is good, but we probably end up missing lots of interesting messages. Patterns of cross-selling hints or churn risks remain mostly un-noticed in the volumes of calls.


Monzuun speech-to-text –analysis service brings to light these signals – real-time or next to real-time. You can react timely on critical signals discussed over the phone.


Analysing call recordings will give action points for customer retention, customer satisfaction, personified sales offerings, cost-savings and more. Speech-to-text analysis adds even more value when adding voice as one of customer feedback channels for more personified customer insight.

Monzuun speech-to-text platform converts audio files into text, which in turn fuels marketing automation, text analytics and NBA –modeling (Next best activity).

Customer Feedback –analysis – Capture the Data-Flow

To realize the full potential of modern data applications, organizations need to be able to capture perishable insights from data in motion – not only data at rest (e.g. databases). Monzuun data-flow service gathers, routes, filters and distributes forward data from any source. Critical signals are identified and escalated directly to people in the organisation to react on feedback. The whole process flow from receiving feedback through several channels to responding is realized on daily or hourly level. Customer feedback data-flows usually include chat data, other online feedback, NPS or other types of customer satisfaction data. Monzuun especially deals with qualitative text data analysis, which usually proves to be the challenging part to be combined with the more structural customer data sets (sales data, invoicing data, LTV etc.). Adding speech recognition (speech-to-text) and analysis on top will bring you to world-class level in knowing Your Customer. Use cases deal with customer retention, churn prevention, upgrading customer experience, cross-sell/upsell activities, targeting and raising sales effectiveness, hit-rate etc.

IoT / Process Optimisation

Machines know things. Massive volumes and/or unstructured nature of data keep messages hidden though. Analysing sensor and process data often require great deal of pre-handling before data sets are suitable for analysing. Monzuun IoT –analysis services extract hidden signals out of process data. Analysis through statistical methods and machine learning tools give insights on cost-savings, improving processes, predictive analyses on process failures or delays, critical points on customer journeys etc.

Pricing Robot

Calculating offers – especially b2b –services – can be time-consuming with various data sets to be included. These data sets may include historical channel data (both prospect data and your own historical data), price lists and profitability factors, supplier cost structures, regional variations etc.

Monzuun pricing robot collects and combines various data sets and calculates automatically pricing scenarios, according to customer-specific guidelines.

Benefits: faster reactions, shorter sales cycles, more competitive pricing, higher hit-rate. Better decisions faster.



Monzuun delivers several analytics services for logistics services industry. These services are based on combining logistics process data (scanner data) with financial and customer data. Use cases cover areas like:
-automatic monitoring on logistics processes performance. Logistics process data is gathered and analysed on daily level. Data modeling reveals patterns of late delivery reasons. Getting these warning signals on time helps improving invoicing levels and profitability.
-automatic customer reporting on logistics performance -automatic new customer offer calculations. Creating a new customer offer includes combining and analysing large data sets together. Data sets consist of product-specific and regional pricing structures, supplier cost factors, historical process data as well as prospect data. These data sets don’t naturally mix well together. Heterogenous data is combined on Monzuun Hadoop platform. Automatic pricing simulations help to:

  • shorten sales cycles
  • improve sales hit-rate
  • improve profitability through better visibility on cost and profitability factors.

Data-driven Customer Service and Sales

What is really happening out there after the contract is happily made with our customer? What are the heavy-users thinking about us? What is the most efficient wording for closing deals over the phone in outbound sales? Are there churn risks bubbling under, unnoticed? Who are they? What services do they use? And many more questions that remain unanswered or answered afterwards through surveys. Monzuun breaks data silos and combines data sets previously analysed separately, by samples – or not analysed at all. Combining speech-to-text –analysis, qualitative analysis for text data (customer feedback channels) together with structured customer data (sales, invoicing, CRM) we produce the winning tool for great customer experience and sales. Interesting issues to be identified, inbound/outbound:

  • which contexts are more likely to lead closing deals than others (outbound sales/CC inbound)?
  • what is the next-best-action to be offered personally for this customer?
  • signals for added sales/service extensions/cross-sales -messages on churn risks
  • reasons for unwanted calls, i.e. customers might call you regarding things already said on invoices or things that would be more cost-efficient to communicate on-line etc.

Cost Savings in Building Management

HVAC –systems in buildings produce sensor data and measurements on numerous factors. Changes in temperatures, air flow volumes and pressures, humidity and possibly other parameters of air content, frequency converter performance, etc. Expenditures of electricity, water, heating, cooling,… Despite modern building management systems, a lot of this data remains in separate silos. A lot of the HVAC –sensor data is unstructured, incomplete and difficult to analyse. Monzuun analysis service for building management gathers and combines these scattered data sets. We then analyse the combined data using statistical and machine learning methods. The key question is to identify performance features in operating HVAC –systems that waste energy and money. Cost savings on building management use cases are substantial.

Sales Channel Analysis

B2C –sales through channels (on-line or brick&mortar) – or layers of channels – creates challenges of visibility. What is really happening in the channels? What are the reasons for successful sales (for different brands, products, campaigns and media)? What are the reasons for poor sales? Monzuun sales channel analysis combines the heterogenous data from different channels and POS-data with in-house/CRM/invoicing data. These analyses support decision-making on campaign activity, product listings in channels, optimal combinations of products and channels, forecasting sales and order-delivery –processes, sourcing etc.

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