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What if You could have 100% transparency into all customer telephone discussions? Now You can!

All services available either SaaS (Monzuun Data Center Helsinki), on-Premise or cloud. Monthly service fee starting from 495€.


Automatic anonymisation

&winning practices

Recognise and separate speakers inside the dialog (especially when both are recorded on a single track). Analyse time spending between the customer and service agent. Analyse patterns of customer listening that relate to customer satisfaction. Drive best practices into call center activity. Automatically anonymise call recordings for data privacy. Drive successful dialog practices for cost savings, better customer quality and sales. No speech-to-text conversion needed.


Sales lead monitoring/

churn monitoring;

Spot keywords

Automatically spot keywords for quality monitoring, sales opportunities and customer retention. Monitor 100% of phone calls for sales opportunity detection, churn risk monitoring or agent-specific performance monitoring. Trigger marketing automation or campaign activities.




Topic mapping

Why are customers calling us? What are the key contents of customer phone calls? Is the service model happening for real? Monitor 100% of phone calls for service design compliance monitoring, automatic phone call topic classifications and performance monitoring. Release service agents’ and CC managers’ time from manual monitoring and classification.


Speech to text

Automatic phone call transcriptions for qualitative analysis or tracking purposes. Create automatic memos for CRM. Text-based analyses of customer satisfaction and various qualitative analyses. Get full visibility of customer dialogues.